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Transportation costs.

When configuring this web we thought about our packing and posting policy. We decided to be transparent so that the customer would know the price of the products purchased in a disaggregated way irrespective of the packing and posting cost. Committed to offer competitive prices on our products of high quality, without proposing confusing advertising relating to the inescapable cost of transport.

Benito Pérez Hams sends your orders with transportation renowned companies. We have tried to achieve the best value for money in transport.

When making the purchase, the ports that appear by default are those relating to Spain (Peninsula) and are recalculated to indicate the place of destination of the order. Packing and posting fees are always displayed before you complete the checkout process.

Reporting carriage fee table:

                                        SPAIN AND PORTUGAL CARRIAGE FEES

           KG         SALAMANCA  
             SPAIN *
      Up to 10 Kg
             5 €               10 €             20 €
      Up to 20 Kg
             7 €               14 €             28 €
      Up to 30 Kg
             9 €               16 €             32 €
      Up to 40 Kg
            11 €               18 €             36 €
      Up to 50 Kg
            13 €               20 €             40 €
                                  EUROPE CARRIAGE FEES
         ZONE 1 
       ZONE 2     ZONE 3          ZONE 4   
       FRANCE *
        ITALY *
Up to 10 kg          29 €         50 €        69 €        84 €
Up to 20 kg          46 €         72 €      100 €      125 €
Up to 30 kg          62 €         98 €      130 €      165 €
Up to 40 kg          78 €       124 €      155 €        -
Up to 50 kg          94 €       150 €      180 €        -

21% VAT and insurance is included in our rate of transport.

It is very important to consider in customs destinations shipping costs indicated in the accompanying tables do not include any other tax, fee, duty or charge other than VAT.

The sale of products of this site shall be governed by Spanish law. Packing and posting to Spain (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla), Portugal (except Azores and Madeira), Germany, Belgium, France (excluding Corsica), the Netherlands, Italy (except for Sicily and Sardinia), Luxembourg, United Kingdom (except Isle of Man and Channel Islands), Austria, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Sweden, Estonia, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania may be carried out.

For shipments to destinations not listed in the attached tables, the management will be made where appropriate, via mail or phone.

For shipments to Spain and Portugal with more than 50 kg. transport costs will be indicated in the purchasing process.
For shipments to Europe (except Portugal) for security of our customers, buying products on our website with more than 50 kg are not allowed. If you want an order with top weight, management will be via mail or phone.

BENITO PÉREZ HAMS reserves the right to cancel an order with the return of the payment made where appropriate, to destinations not mentioned in the preceding paragraph which are subject to special regime of tariffs, taxes special import, customs clearance or other additional costs.

Transport Company

Benito Pérez Hams sends your orders with transportation renowned companies. 
Together we will try to manage the delivery of your order in a quick and efficient way.Diligent and safe transportation.
Trusted partners.

Transport incidences

The incidences are occasional but if at the time of delivery you notice visible damage, damage, packing in poor condition, or any other abnormality, you should consider the following findings: 

      - Indicate the disagreement on the delivery note of the transport agency at the time of delivery.

      - Contact Benito Pérez Hams and we will give you a solution to the problem with all speed.


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