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Low Salinity

Balanced in salt products / Softness of its taste

Since our origins, one of the challenges we have set with greater interest in Benito Pérez Hams, has been to find  in our products the exact content of salt.

The research regarding the slight salty of our hams and Iberian shoulders, has been a meticulous work that has led us to a product with a salinity controlled in its entirety.

We carry out a meticulous and minimal salting process, essential for conservation of the product and stabilization of enzymes.

The salting process is developed with care, being individualized for each one of the parts, because of the irregularity of the same. The amount and the time of salt will vary depending on the weight, shape and quality of each piece.
Alongside this comment about salting process which is characteristic in our cold meat, we also use a natural and spicy dressing, where the balance of flavors in the tasting  make our products World Elite. Pleasant flavour, subtle flavor.

Our work is meticulous and thorough, rewarded with a final product where the softness and special flavor is claimed by the most rigorous tasters.

The low salinity and the genuine flavor of our hams, Iberian shoulders and cold meat is highly valued by our customers.

Benito Pérez Hams, balanced in salt, sweet products, reliable products.



Low Salinity
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