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Gift on demand

Give Iberian.

We wrap it for you 

The most exclusive Iberian gift for the most special people.

If the Iberian products are your weakness and you want to share this passion with others, you can choose this gift, they will appreciate your taste.

Exclusive products, gastronomic jewels to give to your commitments and give thus to the more sybarite people. 
Iberian gourmet to give and congratulate your best friends on their anniversaries and birthdays.

Inspire the brand new Mom with knife-cut Iberian acorn-fed Ham Jamón Bellota Ibérico, after the birth of her baby. Show your affection and love towards her with a unique and delicious gift. 

Or maybe you have not thought about your Christmas gifts.

Bet on pata negra products to surprise your beloved ones!

If any of the batches that we offer in our store don’t fit your needs, you can create your own gift box with your favourite products.

In the future we will offer a suitcase with handle as a gift, with capacity for pieces of ham more shoulder and cold meat.

Until then, if you are interested in this product, you can create it yourself.

How can you create your gift on demand? 

1. Go to our shop and insert into the shopping cart the items you want to include in your gift.

Take into account our gift boxes measures.

Mini box: 42 X 23 X 8 cm 
Medium box: 44 X 26 X 15 cm
Suitcase with handle for ham or shoulder: 85 X 25 X 14 cm

For your case to be a suitable fit, you must include the necessary items to the capacity of the same.

You can contact us to determine if the products are suitable to be included within the available measures.

2. In the shopping cart, check the option gift wrap.

This service includes:

Packing. Emerald packaging presentation, attention to detail.
Hand made ties made with a spoiled artisanal process. 
Careful selection of materials that match to your gift category.
Gift wrapping paper and craft tags, hemp cord and laminated or metallized jute ribbons, depending on the theme chosen. Silk wrap that covers those products in the inside. Adhesive labels.
Card in craft envelope with your printed message. 
Mini or medium box, decorative cardboard with printed color images. In the case of the suitcase box with handle for ham or shoulder, wood imitation.

3- Do not forget to indicate to us, using the customer reviews or in the attached email:

- The theme wrapping you want for your gift box, generic, Christmas, male or female, maternity or suitcase box for         ham or shoulder.

  Indicate color of the packaging, red, craft or gold, in the order of preference.

- Message or dedication to be written on the card to be inserted.

- Date on which you want your gift to be received.

- And any other preferences to be considered when making your gift.

* It is important for delivery not be delayed that you tell us the recipient's address. 
(It is very useful to indicate work address, if applicable).

Our best professionals work on your consignment and will do all possible to ensure your gift box is a success.
Exquisite inside and out gift! 


Gift on demand
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