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FAQ (Frequently-asked questions)

In Benito Pérez Hams, in his long career and experience manufacturing and commercializing products, we have found that our customers have made us frequently the same questions.
Now we want to clear up the most common issues.

- My Iberian ham has got white dots:
The white dots are very characteristic of the Iberian hams for its slow and prolonged curing  process.They are crystallizations of an amino acid  called thyroxine, which occur during the maturation process of ham. It is normal for us to see some when we cut the iberian ham.

- My ham or shoulder has got a part to surplus parts:
When you purchase a whole piece of ham or shoulder, you have to take into account that not total amount of the product is usable.
The ham and the shoulder have fats, barks, hoof and bone. The percentage of surplus parts is different in each piece, the ham will be around 45% and the shoulder around the 55%.

- How to conserve an Iberian ham at home?
Iberian ham always be stored in a fresh and dry place, not need cold. Once started you shall use the exterior fat strips that we cut at the beginning to cover the area and keep it from drying out and losing its flavor and juiciness.

- My product, vacuum packed?
Vacuum-packed, products are fully guaranteed, they conserve all their properties and they don’t lose any quality.
The taste of the Iberian, aroma, and color is unalterable. We highly recommended vacuum-packed ham and cold meat because of the possibility of slower consumption.
This packaging method consists on removing the air from the inside of the wrapper, paralyzing the curing  of the product, therefore it doesn’t harden or dry and its long preservation is guaranteed.
The cooling for a perfect conservation of vacuum-packed products is essential. For optimum maintenance, you can place them carefully in your fridge.
You shall watch your stored containers, since they may lose vacuum by an imperceptible cracks in the plastic bag, due to some small coup or gall. In that case should eat them, because leaving them time, mould will appear in the product, by air concentrated on the stock exchange.
- In containers vacuum product by halves, pieces, or portion, it is advisable to remove them from the refrigerator and oxygenate items before eating.To get a great tasting 100% product, it is necessary that they are in their optimum temperature (around 20 °). When you are consuming this type of container, you can keep it out of the fridge, if you have in your house a fresh and dry temperature.
- As for packaging sliced product vacuum, we recommend to remove from refrigerator a while before serving, so that they are at the recommended temperature, open and consume directly. Time spent in plate, will be sufficient for your ham or cold meat to be delicious. Thanks to the sliced product, the more time is open and air, the more it will dry. Ideally, consume the full container once started.
But if there are too many slices left, it is better not to keep them in its original container, they will be airtight and better preserved in aluminum foil, and refrigerated.
We have made mention of frequently-asked questions that our customers have made us, but do not hesitate to contact us if have any further query or doubt.


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