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  /  Boneless Acorn Iberian Ham
Boneless Acorn Iberian Ham

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Boneless Acorn Iberian Ham

Ham from acorn-fed Iberian pigs, carefully chosen, reared in freedom in the best pastures. With acorns during the fattening and supplemented this diet with grass, natural pasture and forage.

Craftsmanship and traditional inherited from the secrets of our elders.
Slow and prolonged curing process, maturation and ageing in drying and natural cellars. Great vintages bring us closer to a brilliant product.

Slim leg, thin, impregnated and infiltrated with creamy and soft fat.
Its slices of ham with aroma and flavor intensity , a full delight for your palate. Caramelized and sweet slices with high content of oleic acid beneficial for cardiovascular health and body weight regulation.

Hams are boned and sliced in different pieces depending on the size of the ham.

Product presentation: vacuum-packed piece.
60,00 €


Boneless Acorn Iberian Ham
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