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About Us

Presentation / Working profile

Benito Pérez Hams, family business with over forty years of experience, founded by M. Raimundo Benito Pérez and Mrs. Vicenta Pérez Hidalgo, dedicated to the manufacture of cured Iberian pork products.

Homage and congratulations to our parents for their dedication, hard work and sacrifice, thank you.

Our work begins with a careful selection and monitoring of herds of pigs. Pigs raised in movement and freedom on rangelands of holm oaks, natural habitat and perfect ecosystem for fattening and feeding the Iberian pig. Diet based on acorns on the open range, natural pasture and grasses that will be crucial for a raw material of high quality.

Afterwards, for making our hams, Iberian Shoulder (paletas) and cold meat in different sorts, our priority is to follow the handmade production inherited from the tradition of our land, the folk wisdom. Natural processes in the elaboration of our products bring us closer to the memories of the traditional slaughter of our Sierra (mountain range). Aromas, with the always flavors.

Conventional methods coexist in perfect harmony and synchronization with the necessary technology for a development adapted to the new demands of the market. Exhaustive quality control, traceability and Iberian standard lead to a product certificated with authenticity and identity of its own.

Benito Pérez Hams, family spirit with a well-defined personality by dedication to improve our work and offer a sublime, unique, different product.


About Us
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